3D printer Nexa3D NXE400

World’s Fastest Industrial 3D Printer

With an unprecedented 16L build volume measuring 10.8 in x 6.3 in x 15.7 in (27.5 cm x 16 cm x 40 cm), intelligent optimization, and Nexa3D’s revolutionary patented LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is the perfect printer for any application.

NXE400 3D Printer Benefits:

  • Larger build volume. The NXE 400 features more than double the build volume compared to currently available technologies, allowing for much larger parts, higher part throughput, and ultimately lower part cost, all with the higher-resolution pixels (75 µm) and isotropic prints.
  • Easy replacement of accessories.In addition to our highly reliable LSPc technology, the NXE 400 is crafted to be completely modular in design for easily interchangeable parts and technology upgrades eliminating hardware obsolescence.
  • Advanced software.Nexa3D’s internally developed intelligent software connects our hardware and materials together into a powerful, user friendly system while providing a new era of predictive and prescriptive service. It’s as simple as pressing CRTL+P
  • Smart connection. The connected optional Senor system provides the ability to track details with a digital double and automatically updates software to fine-tune print settings. 
  • Expendable materials. The Nexa3D NXE400 3D printer comes with two material cartridges.
Whatch the video about NXE400

Ceramic 3D Printers 3DCERAM CERAMAKER

3DCeram CERAMAKER uses 3D laser printing technology (SLA):

This method for 3D printing ceramic products is called stereolithographic technology (SLA). It involves the layer-by-layer curing of a special ceramic paste with a UV laser. After the printer finishes construction, the part is cleaned of the remnants of unpolymerized paste and washed in a special solution. After 3D printing, the part must then have its photopolymer removed via burning. Afterward, the part is again placed in the furnace to sinter the ceramics, which occurs at a temperature of about 1600-1700 C. 

  • Used for unique functional parts or small production runs
  • Same properties as parts made using conventional processes
  • Open system — you can use your own ceramics
  • The platform is 100x100mm to 300x300mm platform
  • Roughness of 2 microns
  • Resolution of 35 μm, regardless of the size of the work platfrom
  • Free Link Support Technology for creating mark-free parts
  • Hybrid option


Application IndustriesFoundry industry, jewelry industry, medical, automotive, dentistry, many others
Dimensions1060х2250х2040 mm
Build area300х300х100 mm
Layer thickness35 microns
Print materialCeramics
Printing technologySLA
Warranty12 months

The Ceramaker C100 Flex 3D printer has a chamber size of 300x300x100 mm, and—to save paste during work — you can choose between three different lengths of the construction platform 100x200x300mm.

The new industrial hybrid and multi-material, CERAMAKER 900H, is the only printer on the market capable of producing parts with these diverse specifications for the needs of the end user.


Application IndustriesAviation and space, automotive, atomic industry, interior design, railway, engineering, medical, dentistry, shipbuilding
Dimensions1000х1500х1900 mm
Build area100х100х100 mm
Layer thickness50 microns
Print materialCeramics
Printing technologySLA
Warranty12 month


C3600 ULTIMATE – A solution for Mass Production
The C3600 is designed for the production of large series as well as large products. Prototyping can begin with the C100 EASY, and then the C3600 ULTIMATE is used for production.

Application IndustriesFoundry, jewelry industry, medical, engineering
Dimensions2100х1800х2500 mm
Build area600x600x300 mm
Layer thickness25 to 125 microns
Print materialCeramics
Printing technologySLA
Warranty12 months
Number of lasers4 UV lasers
Laser wavelength405 nm

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