ATO LAB metal powder atomizer –
the first small scale powder ultrasonic atomization system

ATO Lab is an unique, compact machine for metal powders production, using a novel ultrasonic atomization technology. This breakthrough solution allows you to quickly produce free-flowing metal powders with narrow particle size distribution.
From now, every user with a need for a laboratory-scale atomizer will be able to buy their own equipment. ATO Lab produces high quality metal powder and is able to process a wide range of alloys, including both reactive and nonreactive materials – such as steel, aluminum, titanium and many, many more.
It is a key element in the research, manufacturing or development processes for many business sectors – education, science, engineering, healthcare and production, to name a few.

ATO LAB Technology

Atomization as a technological process is understood as the spraying of various substances. Metal alloy atomization was developed to satisfy the needs of the scientific field of metallurgy.

The first known metal atomization processes using widely applied technological solutions date back to the times of the First World War. Since then, these technologies have been undergoing significant changes, which resulted in the improvement of their efficiency and versatility.

Atomized metal powders are being used in more and more branches of industry. Technological development necessitates the constant development of novel metal alloy powders. Such works have been so far severely limited by the low availability of atomizing devices due to gas and water atomizers being large in size, costly and requiring purpose-built infrastructure – all of these factors making them huge investments on their own.

The implementation of a new ultrasound technology has allowed for the enclosing of the whole atomization process in a compact device. From now, atomization can even be carried out at a laboratory scale to produce exceptionally low amounts of powder. There is no more need to use the enormous, wildly expensive atomizing sites when all you need is just a piece of your lab space!

ATO LAB Benefits

Highest quality powders
ATO Lab allows you to quickly produce high quality metal powders. Due to the ordered nature of the atomization process, the output powder has a very narrow particle size distribution, closely depending on the chosen ultrasound frequency. For example for a frequency of 35 kHz, 70% of 316L steel particles are in the diameter range of 40 to 60 µm

Process flexibility
The ATO Lab configuration is flexible and based on a patent pending ultrasonic atomization technology. We will be pleased to tailor the system specifically to accommodate for individual needs of the ordering party.

No limitations in minimum powder quantity
ATO Lab uses a roll feeding system for material delivered as a wire with virtually no limitation on minimum amount of input material. This is a huge advantage for all customers working with expensive or more unconventional raw materials.

Wide range of alloys
Develop, test and characterize the next key metal powders in additive manufacturing, hot isostatic pressing and conventional powder metallurgy. ATO can process a wide range of alloys, both reactive and non-reactive, such as steel, aluminum, titanium and many more – even highly specialized. Perfect both for commercial and research needs.

Compact size
ATO Lab has been designed by industry-oriented researchers aiming to overcome usable space limitations. ATO Lab has a compact form, making it possible to comfortably use even in restricted spaces. Along with its innovative technology and no requirements for sophisticated infrastructure, it ensures exceptionally low operating costs and quick return on the investment (ROI).

Cost-effective production
Cut your costs and rapidly optimize your process with powders tailored to your commercial or research needs. In comparison with currently available atomization technologies, ATO has considerably lower media consumption. This cost-effective process is not only smooth and rapid, but also attractive from economic point of view.

Affordable price
ATO Lab’s compact size and unique, solutions allowed 3D Lab to offer a highly competitive price for the device itself. It’s a technologically advanced and cost attractive tool for small and medium-sized companies, metal powder manufacturers and research institutions.

Scalable system structure
ATO Lab is a modular system with the future potential to operate using sets of many units in one interconnected network.

ATO LAB General Specification

3D Printed Parts with fresh
atomized ATO lab powder

ATO LAB powder

ATO LAB is one of the best laboratory solution for successful production of both reactive and non-reactive powders on a smaller, yet still completely self-sufficient scale:

Titanium Gr. 5

Stainless Steel 316L

Inconel 718/625

Aluminum AlSi12

ATO Lab allows to obtain an output of several hundred grams of metal powders with a particle size range from 20 to 100 μm, with optional subsequent procedures leading to the separation of desired powder fractions.

The possibility to process metal alloys with a melting temperature up to 3000ºC enables the user to delve into an even wider range of applications, greatly increasing the efficiency of work directed at the development of new materials.

ATO LAB Industries

ATO Lab is a device intended for the use research in development in a range of powder metallurgy areas. Next generation ultrasonic atomizer allows for the production of exceptionally small minimal amounts of spherical powders with a very narrow particle size distribution, as well as obtaining significantly higher yields through continuous operation.

Even though the additive manufacturing field was the initial inspiration for the design of ATO Lab, the unique technology, allowing for the production of very small amounts of the output material and its high quality, the ATO powders can also be used with success in the following fields of interest:

Brazing (soldering)
ATO Lab allows for the atomization of materials with a low melting point.

Powder spraying
Thanks to its high flowability, the powder produced in ATO Lab is perfectly suitable for the use in thermal spraying.

Filters and foams
Spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution of the powders allow for the production of high quality porous and filter sintered materials.

Conventional powder metallurgy
ATO One also simplifies research on the influence of alloying additions on the properties of conventionally produced sintered metal materials.

Laser cladding
Similarly to thermal spraying, laser cladding also requires highly flowable spherical powders.

Chemical synthesis
Metallic materials are also often used as substrates in a wide range of chemical reactions. ATO Lab allows for the production of substrates with highly controlled chemical composition.

Metallic catalyzers are the basis of modern chemical engineering. Thanks to ATO Lab, small amounts of noble metals used in this application can be processed.

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